Haki cut IndiaOne person 3,500 yen
  1. Miccspocora

    Tempura of India

  2. Chana Batora

    Spicy stir-frying boiling of chicken bean

  3. Rajah Hindostanii

    Soup of potato

  4. Brown Macani

    Prawn's Macanisors

  5. Tandoori chicken
  6. Palshacabab

    Lamb roast

  7. Seasonal salad
  8. Mulgi Machan or Mulgi Panjabi

    Curry in butter chicken or north Indopanjabi the provinces

  9. Panjabicofta or mutton Hariana

    Curry of vegetable or west Indian Calcutta of potato cheese raisin

  10. Piling match of Indian bread

    Roti Meti/Nan Panjara/Pis Clcha

  11. Reb Ke Chawal

    Lemon rice

  12. Homemade ice cream
Party dish of standard India.
Atcha Japanese syllabaryOne person 2,500 yen
  1. Vegetable Pocora

    Tempura of India

  2. Roll in kebab

    Roll Sand where Lmari Roti was used

  3. Bagambalta

    Eggplant dish of Indian Calcutta in the west

  4. Gengapri

    Prawn's spicy stir-frying boiling

  5. Tandoori chicken
  6. Parapattacabab
  7. Seasonal salad
  8. Two kinds of curry of season
  9. Piling match of Indian bread

    Roti/Nan/garlic Nan

  10. Homemade ice cream
Hors-d'oeuvreIt receives it from 6,000 yen each.
It becomes a reservation until the day before.
It is possible to eat from 4 to 5 people.
It is all-you-can-drink for 90 minutes.
Wine, oolong tea, and juice
 +1,000 yen
Wine juice, oolong tea, and draft beer
 + 1,500 yen

It receives it from four people.

The order for the party menu becomes a reservation until three days ago.

The content of the dish replaces it by the season.